TituloSilent Night
Campanha 12 Voices of Christmas
Anunciante Nationwide Building Society
Marca Nationwide

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Data da primeira Transmissão/Publicação Somente assinantes
Sector EmpresarialSomente assinantes
Tipo de Mídia Televisão
Agência de Mídia Wa.....er Somente assinantes
Director criativo ..m Th....on Somente assinantes
Executivo de contas ..n M....ns Somente assinantes
Diretor dos Negócios B....et L....ey Somente assinantes
Director de contas C...re F...t Somente assinantes
Director de contas M...s C...n Somente assinantes
Planning Director G...in J...s Somente assinantes
Senior Planner R..s Ni....on Somente assinantes
Equipa criativa G...a W..n D...es Somente assinantes
Equipa criativa A....ce M...ay Somente assinantes
Equipa criativa ..n W...s Somente assinantes
Produtora A....ce . ..n Somente assinantes
Director de fotografia A..x R..d Somente assinantes
Director de fotografia T..y Cu......son Somente assinantes
Director de fotografia D...d B..d Somente assinantes
Produtor F...k Ha....an Somente assinantes
Produtor executivo G...a W..n D...es Somente assinantes
Editor B..d B...ud Somente assinantes
Empresa de produção V..P ..n Somente assinantes
Grade S....an P...y Somente assinantes
Audio Post Production T..y Ra.....oli Somente assinantes
Audio Post Production D...l Ma.....mid Somente assinantes
Audio Post Production W..e L...on Somente assinantes

About VCCP

Part of VCCP’s success has come from its longstanding dedication to its ten founding principles. They were established at launch to be the antithesis to all the frustrations the founders had experienced at other advertising agencies. It means we spend less time managing and more time thinking. 

Be Un-precious
Brilliant ideas come from openness.

Be Responsible
Great teams take responsibility for each other.

Be On Time
Deliver on time, or earlier.

Be Lean
Small motivated teams achieve the best results.

Be Clear
Its easy to complicate, it's difficult to simplify.

Be Approachable
Listen to whoever wants to speak to you.

Be Happy
Enjoy work.

Be Honest
Keep open books and admit mistakes.

Be Proud
Take pride in the work we produce.

Be Fast
Delay is corrosive, energy is infectious. 

Latest News

MORE TH>N launches new TV sponsorship campaign for ITV Showcase Drama

MORE TH>N insurance has launched a new TV sponsorship campaign entitled ‘Defuse the Drama’. As the official sponsor of ITV Showcase Drama, MORE TH>N’s new idents will feature during popular ITV dramas from March to December.

As a leading UK insurance brand, MORE TH>N is no stranger to defusing drama. Whether it’s fixing burst pipes or taking care of poorly pets, MORE TH>N prides itself on doing more to help its customers with life's unexpected dramas. So, MORE TH>N has teamed up with ITV to bring audiences a different kind of drama.

The new idents feature Mordenn, MORE TH>N’s cool and calm fictional founder, as he effortlessly defuses a series of dramatic moments with the line “Drama? …No drama”. From a patient going into cardiac arrest, through to a couple’s public break-up and passengers fighting for survival after a plane crash, the idents feature a range of tense scenarios familiar to many TV dramas.

The new idents, created by VCCP, launched on 18th March during “The Durrells” on ITV and the ITV Hub. The campaign will continue throughout 2018, sponsoring top ITV dramas including “Cold Feet” and “Vanity Fair”. 

Gail Parker, Brand, Marketing and Distribution Director, MORE TH>N “We are excited to be sponsoring this great prime time drama schedule where our iconic brand character, Mordenn, can really connect with ITV’s viewers in defusing the drama in a series of idents. Classic television dramas draw families together and it’s great to have our brand at the heart of these moments.”

Adam Thompson, Creative Director, VCCP “When given the opportunity to create a set of fun and memorable idents for one of the UK's best-known insurance brands, we enlisted the help of laidback Scandinavian James Bond, Mordenn, to slide in and effortlessly save the day. Sitting within some of ITV’s best-known dramas, the idents needed to stand up against the shows high budget productions, so we asked directors Terri Timely to sprinkle some of their surreal comedy magic. With their help, Mordenn defuses a series of well-known TV drama tropes, turning drama into no drama.” 


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