TituloAdopt a sticker
BriefThe project hopes not only to help find a new home for pets but also change the image of homeless animals in general. Most people have no idea how loyal and gentle can animals from the shelter be.We created a sticker pack where each sticker depicts a pet that needs a new home. The biography of any pet can easily be found by sending its sticker to an @adoptapackbot that will immediately send back its information, photos and advice on how to care for it. Each time a shelter gets a new pet, a new sticker is added, and whenever an animal finds a home, its sticker disappears from the pack.
Campanha Adopt a sticker
Anunciante Colgate-Palmolive Company
Marca Hill's

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Marketing Director A...a E....va Somente assinantes
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Client Director S...ey R....ev Somente assinantes
Director de contas N....ia Ho....ri Somente assinantes

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