TituloAnachronistic City
Campanha Reframe - Hyundai
Anunciante Hyundai Motor Group
Marca Hyundai

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PostedFevereiro 2011
Sector EmpresarialSomente assinantes
LegendaSomente assinantes
Tipo de Mídia Televisão
MercadoSomente assinantes
Empresa de design sonoro
Realizador ..m J....ns Somente assinantes
Produtor da agência S....ey E...er Somente assinantes
Director de arte ..m G...on Somente assinantes
Redator S...e O....en Somente assinantes
Director criativo R...rt P...s Somente assinantes
Director criativo D..g J...s Somente assinantes
Director executivo criativo J..f S....el Somente assinantes
Empresa de produção R..k P...r Sc....rs Somente assinantes
Audio Post Production L..e S....os Somente assinantes

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IWA Films HMC’s 2017 Super Bowl Ad in Real-time

NNOCEAN Worldwide America(IWA) presented Super Bowl's first ever real-time documentary ad. The 90-second docu-ad titled "Operation Better," which aired right after the end of NFL championship game held on February 5 in NRG Stadium of Houston, reached seven million views on YouTube within 24 hours, followed by praises from the press and experts. 

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