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Marca Jerry Garcia
PostedAgosto 2014
Sector Empresarial Cultura, ócio e desporto
História Designed for dedicated devotees and new fans alike, JerryGarcia.com creates a unique, personalized experience where fans can connect with others and share their own memories. 
Filosofia At JerryGarcia.com, fans can interact with Jerry’s history, discover shows in a whole new way, and follow along on 10 epic tours with interactive details about the shows along the way. Read about his life story, his beloved guitars, and the talented musicians he collaborated with for over 30 years. Dig into the vault to search photos, videos, tickets, posters, articles, fan art, and Jerry’s own art. Connect with the stream of fan activity to uncover what’s new in the community. Reconnect with memories and other fans along the way, while chronicling and sharing statistics of personal experiences. 
Problema There is an overwhelming amount of content about Jerry Garcia out there, but it is often scattered, unverified or contradictory. We needed to translate the Jerry Garcia experience to the web in a way that would allow both the site and Garcia’s legacy to thrive—a challenge, but also an opportunity to imagine what the “Deadhead” experience could be in an online universe. 
Resultado Bringing together over 15,000 hours of recorded music, 3,450 shows, 26 bands, and 77 musicians he played with, Garcia’s legacy now has a digital platform for fans to re-connect and re-experience the wonder, joy, and emotion that Garcia brought to the world. 
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