TituloMassey Lecture Series
Campanha Massey Lecture Series
Anunciante House of Anansi Press
Marca House of Anansi Press
PostedAgosto 2014
Produto Massey Lecture Series
Sector Empresarial Jornais, revistas e livros
Legenda Time spent with the Massey Lectures is time well spent.
História Creatively bring the Massey Lecture Series into an iPad app as a new sales venue for Massey books. 
Filosofia The Massey Lectures have been a Canadian institution for over 50 years. House of Anansi Press, one of the three collaborating institutions that brings the lecture series to life, asked Critical Mass to help usher the lectures into the digital age. This new digital solution would re-introduce the collective Massey works, the broadcast, event content, the reading environment, book library and storefront as a single digital entity and reestablish the Massey Lectures as global exemplars of strong, powerful ideas about the most important topics of our time from unique Canadian and global thinkers. 
Problema Our client, House of Anansi Press, a small independent publisher needs to remain on the cutting edge of publishing trends to differentiate. Furthermore, the client sought to broaden the audience for its Massey Lectures. 
Resultado With the app, users can expect nearly 200 hours of content to explore, digest, and participate in, a rich network of visual and audio content, and an improved e-reading experience with which to explore the entire scope of Massey history. The app has been covered and celebrated across some premier media outlets, including CBC Ideas, CBC Radio, Booknet Canada, Quill & Quire, Toronto Egotist, and MediaCaster Magazine. The Massey Lectures iPad App has won a much-coveted Silver Cannes Lions award for Digital Online Design.
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