TituloGT Academy Pit Pass
Campanha GT Academy Pit Pass
Anunciante Nissan Motor Corp.
Marca Nissan
Data da primeira Transmissão/Publicação
Produto GT Academy
Sector Empresarial Automotor
Legenda Virtual to Reality.
História If you're a racing aficionado, nothing drives you more than the need for speed. To support the launch of Gran Turismo 5, we created the high-octane, Cannes-winning GT Academy second screen experience that fused online and offline worlds and let gamers experience speed and performance in first person. 
Filosofia The GT Academy second screen experience puts gamers in the driver's seat of Nissan's high-octane GT-R racecars: on the track. behind the wheel. in first person.
Problema The fusion of online and offline worlds.
Hot cars. Human drama. And the digital experience to bring it to life. We teamed with Nissan, Sony Playstation, and The Speed Channel to launch the Gran Turismo 5 video game with an epic reality TV show and sizzling digital experience that turned racing fans into real-life race car drivers. 
Putting gamers in the driver's seat.
Adrenaline-charged. Immersive, 360º of power. In first person. Nissan’s GT-R race car are the ultimate in speed and performance. We created a digital experience to match - fierce, full throttle, putting fans into the action. 
Passive viewers become active participants.
An automotive first, Pit Pass is a mobile, second screen experience, driving deeper engagement via time synced content to complement the TV show. Facebook Connect made fans the hero of their own unique GT Academy film. 
1.10M game pack downloads
156,000 tweets about GT Academy
2 seaons, 2 lived changed
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