TituloIt only works if it all works - 4
Campanha It only works if it all works - O2
Anunciante O2
Marca O2
PostedMai 2005
Sector Empresarial Serviços de telefone móvel
Legenda It only works if it all works
Filosofia In just two years O2’s troubled predecessor, BT Cellnet, has been transformed into a vibrant brand and thriving business. The case is emblematic of how brand engineering can transform every facet of a business. It also demonstrates how astonishingly integrated communications have solved a key question facing marketeers today: how to build an attractive long-term brand whilst simultaneously driving short-term sales.
Resultado O2’s integrated approach has paid for itself more than 60 times over, generating £4,799m incremental margin for the business.
Tipo de Mídia Exterior
Mercado Reino Unido
Planeador estratégico
Director de publicidade
Planeador estratégico

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