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PostedNovembro 2020
História Lidl is an emblematic brand that introduced in Spain a new model of hard discount supermarket since its landing in our country in 1994. The brand became popular with the rise of low cost in the 2000-2010 decade, and during the last years it evolved towards a more cared and more intelligent user experience, keeping its prices so competitive. However, the settled low-cost perception of the brand during the crisis hindered the perception of quality, and even if the in-store experience had improved, it was not capable of converting all the notoriety it generated into sales. The objective was to increase penetration, changing the perception of low cost towards a "smart cost". As a company, Lidl is a smart company that through optimization process, reference selection, great efforts in the distribution strategy and simplification of the user experience, manages to maintain high quality standards in the products without affecting the price to the user, since they save on everything that does not impact on product quality. This allows them, for example, to have one of the most complete and affordable ranges of bio products on the market.
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