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Campanha We are Rich Finetwork
Anunciante Finetwork
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PostedNovembro 2020
História How can an independent telecommunications company stand up to a category dominated by giant companies with astronomical budgets, capable of creating even their own low-cost brands to compete on price? That was the question we were faced with when we started to outline Fi Network's marketing strategy.
A brand with the ambition of being the alternative to the big ones, but practically unknown in the market. The strategic decision was to attack the generation forgotten by the brands, but which consumes the most mobile data: Generation Z. A generation for whom data is part of their way of life and that has changed the rules of the game. But connecting with them is not easy, as they are programmed to avoid traditional advertising.
That is why, instead of advertising, we create entertainment content about our product from creators whose content cannot stop consuming. The result? The telco that has grown the most in the last 6 months, more than 150,000 new registrations, and a brand that is becoming a reference for the most connected generation in history.
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