TituloDiscurso del Rey KFC
Campanha KFC Discurso del Rey
Anunciante KFC
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PostedNovembro 2020
História A Brand Strategy and Comms Planning Project in which the objective was to be the reference Christmas campaign in the category with a low budget. The challenge was to get Millennials and Generation Z to see the discourse and for the brand to be directly linked to it, getting into the conversations it could generate.
KFC wanted to be part of the Spanish Christmas, to gain visibility at a time of the year that is overloaded with advertising messages and massive campaigns with large budgets.
How? By making the King of Spain pronounce the word "Pollo", thus making him the greatest possible prescriber of the brand and getting millenials and Generation Z hooked on the King's speech.
We launched a press release communicating the promotion, a mechanism in real time during the speech. If the King said the word chicken, we would give away 11,111 euros to the first follower who replicated it in the Instagram story enabled for the promotion.
In addition we rewarded with 100 Euros in #PolloPollo 3 words (Spain, future and society) ,which came out as the most repeated in Felipe VI's speeches, in a Data study carried out by PS21.
In just 3 days we achieved: 6 million impressions, 4 million interactions, more than 10,000 new followers to the brand in social networks, more than 22 million potential audience reached, achieving an earned average (PR value) of more than 350,000 ?, all with an investment of less than 15,000 ? in total. 
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