TituloBuried in gigabytes
Campanha Buried in gigabytes
Anunciante Fi Network
Marca Fi Network
PostedMarço 2020
Sector Empresarial Outros
História On October 30, just before Halloween last year, Fi Network, the Gen Z telco, buried famous YouTuber, Widler Soldier, alive. He had to spend 30gigs to escape from a coffin.

The new Spanish telco wanted to explain to the Generation Z what’s possible with the gigabyte capacity of its star rate. When you’re trying to reach Gen Z, thinking outside the square is essential. The thinking came from Spanish agency PS21. The campaign also showed the new telco’s most creative side to differentiate it from its competitors.

Soldier has over 2.26 million subscribers on You Tube and the activation had the trending terror touch, inspired by the psychological and gore suspense of Saw or Rec type thrillers. It could be followed from 8pm on the official YouTube channel. The challenge will begin when Widler begins to walk through the gloomy place until he finds the room where the coffin is located, passing through a laboratory, an office and abandoned changing rooms before being locked up.

Seven state-of-the-art cameras made each and every one of Solider’s reactions visible as they occurred across the event, from the moment the coffin was completely sealed, until it was opened once the 30 GB had been used up. The endurance challenge tested both the creativity and skill of Wilder and those who follow him in streaming. Users were able to interact with Widler by providing help to escape through the #BuriedInGigas hashtag. Locating a locksmith in a search engine, watching a MacGyver chapter on how to make a master key, buying an oxygen tank or ordering a pizza could all become some of the craziest ideas to come up with throughout the live interaction. During the event’s four hours its audience interacted through other platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Chatroullete while they followed the live show on YouTube.

As noted in the case study, “YouTube is the most consumed platform by the audience. It’s the television of the Gen Z, our main target. So, in order to reach them in a totally different way than the big players in the category, we decided to treat them as an audience instead of as consumers, generating impact in a way that is not expected from a brand.”

Buried in Fitnetwork’s Gigas achieved more than 1.6 million minutes viewed and 15.5 million impressions.
Followers shared the streaming in 5 countries, increasing brand awareness by +400% and brand mentions by +700% through all social platforms.

The campaign resulted in 23% new customers.
Tipo de Mídia Branded Content
Agency PS21
Executive Creative Director Víctor Blanco
Creative Director Rubén Sánchez
Creative Team Eduardo Sagra & Alberto de Santos
Account Management Javier Mirones & Carlos Abella
Digital Team Bernardo Moleón & Irene Crespo
Strategic Planning Director Sergio García
Studio Adam Kawka
Producer Michel Delarroque
Production Company The Royal Family Films
Producer Regina Mendialdua
PR Agency True21
Client Fi Network
Client Management Pascual Pérez, Javier Herranz, Kike Escalante, Pedro Marín & Nasser Hantout

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