TituloMercado 2
Campanha Respect the Hustle
Anunciante PepsiCo Inc.
Marca Rockstar Energy
Data da primeira Transmissão/Publicação
Sector Empresarial Bebidas não alcoólicas
História Rockstar Energy is all about championing the everyday hustle. So when the Super Bowl hit its hometown of LA, the brand wanted to celebrate locals who embody this hard-working spirit. Laundry Service recognized the challenges being faced by the city’s street food vendor community, who deal with strict city guidelines to operate. 
In partnership with food publication, LA Taco and non–profit Revolution Carts, we helped Rockstar Energy launch ‘Respect The Hustle’ - empowering street food vendors with new fully-licensed tamale carts. To make each cart unique and eye-catching, they were custom designed by renowned artists from the community. While we started with five vendors, this project has ambitions to fuel more street food vendors across the country. 
On the week of the Super Bowl, we celebrated the street food vendor community with an immersive event, inspired by the mercados of East LA. Featuring the vendors, artists and special guests, the whole experience was covered by local news outlets, including Telemundo, who recognized the importance of giving respect to this storied hustle.
Tipo de Mídia Interactive Outdoor Experience

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