TituloSay goodbye to Thai Mosquitos
Campanha Say goodbye to Thai Mosquitos
Anunciante Soffell
Marca Soffell
PostedAgosto 2022
Sector Empresarial Saúde, higiene e produtos farmacêuticos
História Created the mockumentary commercial interviewing mosquitoes from each region of how Soffell destroy their lives. Moreover, the video scripted is customised according on the dialect language if each part of Thailand.To spread the truth about the power of Soffell that they may never know. Whatever the cruelness the mosquitoes in their region are, Soffell can definitely scare those beasts away so you all should know and use it!Who can do the best demonstration better than the mosquitoes themselves So we take the mosquitoes in each region who they believe in the cruelness to tell The real story of how difficult it is when they have to deal with Soffell.- 11M View with more than 1,500 Engagements in a week- 268% Growth Brand Awareness- 1.3M USD Sales in total just 1 month
Tipo de Mídia Viral
Chief Creative Officer Dissara Udomdej
Account Manager Chutikarn Ounhachoke
Account Executive Napatsorn Khonvai
Creative Director Kavin Viasuwan
Art Director Jidavee Torkulcharoen
Copywriter Piriya Sirirungamorn
Producer Gamonbunya Yodcoo

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