A Brand Defining Agency With Empathy At Its Core

When you walk through the doors of Joan, you'll understand immediately how we're different. A truly optimistic group of people, we are absolutely committed to your growth. We focus on unlocking an honest understanding of the audience - so many of whom have been misunderstood or stereotyped. We develop inspiring and well defined brand articulations and create culturally savvy story telling rooted in principles of entertainment. And we have a heck of a lot of fun in the process!



Filosofia e Vantagens Competitivas

We believe that something magical happens when you turn creativity into an environment. We’ve all felt it. And great things come from it. That’s why at Joan we collaborate at every stage of our process - both internally and with clients - breeding a culture of shared creativity. Not only do Joan employees disregard the traditional silo’ing of departments, we also welcome our clients behind the “factory doors” through our workshop series, which take the place of the typical finalized, “choose 1 idea only” presentations. 


Lisa Clunie & Jaime Robinson

Lisa Clunie & Jaime Robinson

CEO + Co-Founder & CCO + Co-Founder
Sarah Collinson

Sarah Collinson

Head of Account Management

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