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411 Richmond St. E, Suite 308
Toronto M5A 3S5
Telefone: (+1) 647 352 4500

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Competências Essenciais: Publicidade/serviço completo/integração, Digital, Mobile Marketing, Social Media Marketing, E-Commerce, Optimização de motores de busca, Serviços de marketing, Promoção de vendas/ponto de venda, Marketing direto/Telemarketing/ Database marketing/CRM, Branded Content/Entertainment, Marketing Technologies/Analytics, Eventos/patrocínio, Marcas/desenvolvimento de produto, Embalagem/design, Design, Visual/Sound Identity, Branding/Celebrity endorsement, Planeamento estratégico, Saúde, Finanças, Tecnologia, Serviços on line, Serviço de utilidade pública, Retalho, Entretenimento, Beleza, moda, artigos de luxo, Viagens e turismo, Consumidor

Fundada em: 2012

Empregados: 30

Prêmios: 4

Trabalho Criativo: 6

Giants & Gentlemen

411 Richmond St. E, Suite 308
Toronto M5A 3S5
Telefone: (+1) 647 352 4500

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About Giants & Gentlemen

We are a full-service, strategy, advertising & design agency offering stand-out
ideas and zero attitude. As entrepreneurs, we bring a grow or die philosophy to help brands tower like giants, while always acting like gents. 


Filosofia e Vantagens Competitivas

We like to think a lot. And then we like to Outthink.

Outthinking, in its simplest form, is where we access an “outsider” (i.e. someone outside of both advertising and our client’s industry) to help broaden or shift perspective on a given project. Based on the business or creative challenge at hand, we source the most appropriate outside expert to be the Outthinker and tap into thousands of hours worth of expertise. This allows for fresh, yet relevant insights to help build your brand. 

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