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110 East 25th St.
New York NY 10010
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Fundada em: 2015


Prêmios: 57

Trabalho Criativo: 2

Fundada em: 2015


Prêmios: 57

Trabalho Criativo: 2

FF New York

110 East 25th St.
New York NY 10010
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About the Agency FF New York

Fred & Farid is a duo of multi-awarded advertising creatives, professional soulmates, entrepreneurs, business angels, who made an outstanding international career in the ad industry in Paris, London and San Francisco.
In 2007 they founded FF, an independent creative boutique network based in Los Angeles, New York, Shanghai and Paris.

FF is an international creative community of 300+ talents from 25+ nationalities. They produced campaigns for 200+ brands like 24 Sevres, Airbnb, Alibaba, Audemars Piguet, Audi, Didi, Eleme, Google, Huawei, HP, Louis XIII, Momo, Netease Games, Porsche, PUBG, Saint Laurent, Sea Shepherd, Supercell, Taobao, Tencent, Tmall, Vivo, Wechat, Youku.

We develop creative solutions to business challenges, and connect you to culture, grounded in a purpose.

We are experts in creative intelligence.

We are media agnostic. Depending on your challenge, our solution will be a branding solution, a social media solution, a content solution, a tech solution (website, app), a traditional solution (tvc, print) or an innovation solution.

Founding principle is: Think with your Heart. 

Filosofia e Vantagens Competitivas

We are emotional thinkers and believe in connecting with emotions at the deepest level. In a world more and more ruled by the logic of algorithms and robots, the intelligence of the heart becomes more rare (and even more important). We believe humans are a magical accumulation of energy and when the mind and emotions are aligned in harmony, the heart brings us to our center and helps us create.

Our two founders and CEO (Fred & Farid) are multi-awarded creatives who have worked around the world And all our community leaders are creative minds. Creativity is in our core DNA, it is our essence, and our reason to be.

We have built our network from East to West (from China to America), and not the other way around like most agencies.

We are 100% organic. This means no acquisitions to artificially boost our network, no cattle call/headhunter casting sessions. Every community was built organically and deliberately. Our founders have opened each office themselves, moving their whole family life each time, to make sure to implement our culture.

We are a unique combination of Chinese opportunism and fast digital thinking + American obsession for strategy and organization + French sense of craft and culture.

We are small and we want to stay that way. We are proud to be a creative boutique network. To us, it means human scale, creative control, sense of craft and passion for client service. We grow by opening new communities, and we keep each one at a human scale to preserve our culture.

Diversity is not just a trendy word to look proper or politically correct. It’s real and since the beginning. It’s in our company DNA (Fred & Farid), it has always been a priority in our recruiting, and in our lives.

We believe in human power, human creativity, human positivity, human energy, human emotions, human intuitions, human genius. We are a human company. We believe in building real places with real people. We think that when you bring exciting people in one place without walls or boundaries, the most beautiful things can happen.

We think big. We believe it’s better to do one big thing than a hundred small things. In such a crowded industry. Your idea will never be big enough to stand out. We work hard on being ambitious at every stage (brief comprehension, data analysis, business intelligence orientation, strategy, ideation, production, launch).

We are radically honest. We believe that the best way to help our clients and to nurture our relationship is to honestly (but respectfully) share what we believe to be the right thing to do for the brand.

We have a genuine passion for the craft. We are aesthetes. We revere taste and culture. We believe in the power of beauty. We apply luxury standards on every piece of communication.

We believe in quantity. It’s never the first idea. Re-thinking and “de-thinking” are critical elements of excellence. No-sweat, no glory. We value the sense of effort. Creativity is a muscle, requiring intense daily training.

We believe in business intelligence ideas that create growth. A good strategy with the right creative is not enough. We know that these take all forms, sometimes not communication or marketing. Sometimes it is a product. Sometimes it is in inventing a new form.

We try to do meaningful communication when the brief allows. In a world of fear, fast culture, ultra consumption, we believe people are craving for meaning. A campaign touches people’s hearts when we dare to approach a broader topic behind the ad. This approach helps us strike, but also brings meaning to our job.

We are not cynical. Unlike many networks in our industry, we believe in the power of naivete. When hiring, we look for people who are alive, open, real, curious, joyful, smiley, cheeky, amusing, fast, spontaneous, energetic, enthusiastic, passionate, brilliant, independent, intuitive, courageous, fearless, resilient, vulnerable, honest, conscious, sensitive, tasteful, spiritual.

We are one. We are located in four cities, but we are one company. We have a truly international culture. We are mobile; we are curious travelers and highly connected. Our clients benefit from dream teams composed of our best talents worldwide, and our teams get to pick from a range of excellent opportunities from around the world. We highly support internal people turnover within our network.

We don’t believe in the usual hub+satellites structure. Most of the networks have one performing office and weak satellites. We work hard to make each one of our communities performant creatively and in business. Each one of them has the same influential power within our organization.

We are radical listeners. We don’t apply any method or formula on brands. We don’t have any agency style. Self-consciousness is bad for creativity. We have no philosophy, no color (black and white), no sign or animal, no cool font (but Arial, the default font on any computer). We adapt each time to each genre, tailor-made. We are media agnostic, driven only by the idea and the brand. We are chameleon. We are liquid.

We are a transformative company. Everyone who worked at FF can testify that joining our creative community is a transformative experience. Spending a few years with us will make you more creative, more independent, more confident, more ambitious. It will change your career, and perhaps your life.

As a company, we don’t have any war strategy or world-domination masterplan. We are human and emotional. We listen to our instincts and intuitions. But we are good listeners. We seize observed opportunities and adapt very quickly.

We try to be good people. We do our best to emotionally engage with our employees, and help them grow within our organization. We spend time to understand the nuances of personalities and help hone the skills to make them blossom. It’s selfish in a way; we love to be surrounded by happy and fulfilled people.

We believe processes help in building culture, even creative culture. On mondays we do creative reviews and business reviews all day with our 4 communities (LA, NY, Paris, Shanghai). On wednesdays, each community organizes a creative breakfast to share our work and creative culture based on our website. On fridays each community organizes a gathering with creative minds from other industries over drinks.

We don’t believe in perfection in this fast paced changing world. We aim for perfection, but in a realistic, pragmatic way. In a way we apply the digital thinking in real life. Each time we take a decision, we just launch it as soon as possible, to observe the reactions in the real world. Then we adapt, pivot… and edit with humility and speed. Everything at ff is in movement, everything is a work-in-progress, including this chapter about imperfection.

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