TituloWillow Biosciences 2020 Rebrand - Case Study
Campanha Willow Biosciences 2020 Rebrand
Anunciante Willow Biosciences
Marca Willow Biosciences
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História For Willow Biosciences, science is everything. It's the essence of their business. It also needed to become the core of their brand. We helped them reimagine the way their branding conveys their story, persona, values, and mission. And we did it in a modern way. Not in a static PDF, but through a dynamic, digitally appropriate guide. Including, a digital brand book and style guide, an easy to use website, in-depth customer research and insight, and more.  We created a differentiated, authentic brand identity in an entirely modern, digital-first way.
Filosofia DNA is at the heart of Willow, and it was from this idea that Willow’s new identity was born. We translated the double helix into Willow’s new look—a forward-thinking biosynthesis company making a huge impact on the products we use. From there, we transformed their DNA into their actual product—new molecules. And these molecules apply throughout Willow’s new identity.
Problema Willow Biosciences is part of an exciting time in pharmaceuticals where conventional healthcare methodologies are being challenged and Cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabinoids are becoming a legitimate form of care. And with opportunity comes a crowded space of companies attempting to make a name for themselves. As an emerging company in an industry with tremendous growth potential, Willow Biosciences had to take a different approach in order to stand out in its competitive landscape. So, we developed a brand strategy that highlights Willow’s innovative work in health and wellness, favoring a unique lifestyle quality over the conventionality of traditional healthcare corporations—an approach that is authentic to Willow and also able to help it stand out among its competition.
Resultado The new logo we designed is based on the double helix, simplified to embody the quest for openness and possibility, as well as Willow's bold, innovative spirit. We used a predominantly black and white color palette, but allowed color to be reintroduced through illustration and photography. In that way, bright, active photography of nature, science, people, and products fills the focused, dark space—invention and innovation arising from what had once been the unknown. Crisp, geometric illustrations and iconography pervade our aesthetic, and using an altered version of Reader by the renowned type foundry Colophon, we developed a completely customized typeface. We likewise developed voice and tone principles that caught the spirit and ambition of Willow. The building blocks of a message not lost in scientific detail, but rather realized as wonder, potential, and high-minded ambition: bringing forth “the next generation of nature.” The branding comes to life in an online brand book and style guide; a website design and plan; customer research and insights; and social strategy, measurement strategy, and search strategy. Each execution represents complex science in a simple manner, while maintaining scientific credibility.
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