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1480 Humboldt Street
Denver Colorado 80218
Estados Unidos
Telefone: (+1) 303.333.2936

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Competências Essenciais: Publicidade/serviço completo/integração, Digital, Mobile Marketing, Social Media Marketing, E-Commerce, Optimização de motores de busca, Marketing direto/Telemarketing/ Database marketing/CRM, Compra e planeamento de media, Eventos/patrocínio, Marcas/desenvolvimento de produto, Embalagem/design, Planeamento estratégico, Retalho, Viagens e turismo, Consumidor

Fundada em: 1967

Empregados: 29

Prêmios: 42

Trabalho Criativo: 37

Clientes: 35


1480 Humboldt Street
Denver Colorado 80218
Estados Unidos
Telefone: (+1) 303.333.2936
Kelly Reedy

Kelly Reedy

CEO/Chief Creative Officer – Partner

Telefone: (+1) 303 586 9570

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About LRXD

A Health & Happiness Advertising Agency

LRXD works with brands that help people get healthy and celebrate feeling good. We focus on understanding the intricacies of a select number of industries, and we have a tried-and-true formula for making our clients profitable within these verticals. Our four key areas of concentration include Travel & Hospitality, Health & Fitness, Food & Beverage, and Restaurant & Franchise.

We define advertising as anything that allows our clients to further differentiate themselves from the competition. Which means, beyond doing mainstay "advertising" in both traditional and digital media, every day we find ourselves working in interesting, new and compelling ways for the brands we serve — solving business problems with marketing.

LRXD is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. For more details, visit 


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Filosofia e Vantagens Competitivas

Our Health & Happiness Mission

We believe every brand needs a purpose. Ours is health and happiness. We didn’t always know it, though. When we opened our doors in 1967, we drove results purely with creativity. That creativity will forever remain at the heart of our agency. But as the years passed, we grew to want more — a deeper meaning for ourselves and our clients. We found it in doing work for brands that bring something good to the world. And so, LRXD’s mission was born: To invest our creativity in brands that help people celebrate feeling good.

Beyond working with companies and people who share our outlook, we’ve carefully designed an agency where health and happiness defines our culture, the talent we attract and, ultimately, the work we produce. In everything we do, we genuinely give it our all to create more happiness in the world. Collectively, we’re a group of people in passionate pursuit of doing good things in our lives outside work, as well. In building this agency, we’re following our intuition and staying true to who we are. We like being happy. Let’s find out if you do, too. 

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