TituloLIFEWTR Open Gallery: Art by a Woman
Campanha LIFEWTR Open Gallery: Art by a Woman
Anunciante LifeWTR
Data da primeira Transmissão/Publicação
Sector Empresarial Bebidas não alcoólicas
História 51% of today’s visual artists are women, yet their work makes up less than 5% of permanent collections. That’s why for series 2, Women in Art, we’re celebrating their perspectives by creating more spaces for more works of #ArtByAWoman. Share your art using #ArtByAWoman to show your support and bring more women’s art out into the open. You could also be featured in our Instagram gallery. The more women’s art we see, the more inspired the world becomes. LIFEWTR is a new premium bottled water brand that fuses creativity and design. We believe that art makes life #MoreInspired, because it moves us forward by unleashing our creative potential.
Tipo de Mídia Case Study

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