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147 Front Street 2nd Floor
Brooklyn New York 11201
Estados Unidos
Telefone: (+1) 718 254 7860

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Competências Essenciais: Digital, Social Media Marketing, Serviços de marketing, Branded Content/Entertainment, Embalagem/design, Visual/Sound Identity, Publicação impressa, customizada, Planeamento estratégico, Tecnologia, Serviços on line, B to B, Beleza, moda, artigos de luxo, Viagens e turismo, Consumidor

Fundada em: 2008

Empregados: 55

Prêmios: 19

Trabalho Criativo: 33

Clientes: 28

People Ideas & Culture

147 Front Street 2nd Floor
Brooklyn New York 11201
Estados Unidos
Telefone: (+1) 718 254 7860

About People Ideas & Culture

A solutions company created to address business problems without the limitations of overhead, discipline or channel. In other words, 21st century ideas for 21st century opportunities.


Inglês, Italiano
Filosofia e Vantagens Competitivas

Welcome to People Ideas & Culture.

Simply put, People Ideas & Culture (PI&C to our friends) is a new idea in the world of marketing solutions that better reflects the needs of brands and businesses in the 21st century. PI&C is a strategic and creative solutions company that operates free from the limitations of specific disciplines, individual media channels and debilitating overhead. So we have the flexibility to put together exactly the right team, for the right type of solution, whatever the problem, with one goal in mind: inspiring the world to act.

You can find us at: 

Descrição da Rede

The People Ideas & Culture Group is comprised of a few interdependent companies. 

In addition to our main hub, People Ideas & Culture - located in Dumbo in New York City, in 2012 we were also very excited to introduce the world to CY&N by PI&C - a fresh, nimble, content development studio, featuring full in-house content creation capabilities, from video and photography production right through the editorial process - literally allowing the PI&C team to bring to life our wildest content creation ideas. Located in NYC, CY&N has full global capabilities.

In July 2016 we also launched PI&C Europe. Located in downtown Milan, this full-service creative office and production house is meant to serve all of our European clients right from Italy’s advertising heart and from the world’s fashion capital.

Oh, and yes… Those of us living in NYC and originally from Italy: we now have one more excuse to fly back and enjoy grandma for a moment (and her unbelievable cuisine).

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