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2110 Colorado Ave, Suite 200
Santa Monica California 90404
Estados Unidos
Telefone: (+1) (310) 822-3063

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Fundada em: 1988

Prêmios: 3

Crispin Porter + Bogusky

2110 Colorado Ave, Suite 200
Santa Monica California 90404
Estados Unidos
Telefone: (+1) (310) 822-3063

Jessica Lewis

Director of Business Development

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About Crispin Porter + Bogusky

Founded in Miami, Florida in 1988, Crispin Porter + Bogusky is a full-service, fully-integrated advertising agency with over 800 full-time, late-working, on-timing, below-budgeting, overnight-FedExing, hard-charging, clutch-saving, coffee-chugging, pop-culture changing, marketing fanatics. During our over 22 years in business, we’ve grown across the country and across the pond. Today we operate as one global agency with six locations: London, UK; Göteborg, Sweden; Toronto, Canada; Miami, FL; Boulder, CO; and Santa Monica, CA. And we have an execution network that allows us to cover all key markets around the globe. We specialize in making brands famous, turning brands around, and generating outrageous business results for our clients. We are a cross between a big idea shop and a technology start-up with an unprecedented record for creating work that has a lasting impact on pop-culture and the digital marketing industry. Our focus is on solving business challenges first, not making ads, and we have a media-neutral creative approach with a particular strength in interactive. We are constantly striving to uncover new ideas and solutions in every possible area. 


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