TituloRemy Martin E-commerce Hijack
Campanha Remy Martin E-commerce Hijack
Anunciante Rémy Martin
Marca Remy Martin
Data da primeira Transmissão/Publicação
Sector Empresarial Bebidas espirituosas
História FRED & FARID New York hijacked Facebook and Instagram shoppable “Collection” ads, which allow users to swipe through products in-feed, while they view the video content. Breaking free of the ad unit itself is surprising, scroll-stopping and inviting to say the least. Cheers to that.
Filosofia When it comes to stocking your home bar, Rémy Martin 1738 is a staple... And now, it’s right at your fingertips. To demonstrate this, FRED & FARID New York wanted to rethink traditional ecommerce media, and thought outside of the box… literally.
Tipo de Mídia Social Media
Chief Creative Officer
Director criativo
Supervisor de conta
Supervisor de conta
Director de arte
Produtor executivo
Senior Brand Director

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