Campanha #LiveBirthOfAFoal
Marca Equidia
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Sector Empresarial Programas e canais de televisão e rádio
Filosofia Today, more than 60 % of French people declare to like horses (37M of people):A huge opportunity for Equidia, the unic French thematic channel dedicated to the equestrian sports.
The Business objective is firstly to recruit new TVviewers among a mass target, and secondly to build his leading platform ‘make only one with the horse ».
After the success of The Norwegian slow TV operation where half of the population watched a train chumming from Oslo to Bergen, we wanted to offer this kind of show to French people. Therefore, we created the first 24 hours slow TV in France. But we also wished to show something impressive; and what is most spectacular and beautiful than a birth? What is more adorable than a foal? So we combined both and offered the French people the opportunity to share the magical moment of a foal’s birth live! 
Resultado Thanks to a strong and coherent media mixing ecosystem including press, digital, PR, ePR strategy (specialized in big media), strong interaction on the social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) and innovating devices on Dailymotion and Periscope, the LIFE operation showcased Equidia as a truly modern channel, capable of offering innovative contents.- LIFE (#NaissanceDunPoulainEnDirect) generated more than 19 million impressions.- Over 3 700 tweets in 24 hours from journalists, influencers, brands and viewers.- 14 000 new fans on Equidia’s Facebook page (13 weeks worth of recruitment in only 24 hours.)- 42 000 viewers between 11PM and 9AM on the TV channel.- 3,2 million views since the beginning of the operation on Dailymotion.- 27 000 viewers connected at the same time during peak audience.- 1,3 million connections during the live show.- Over 45 articles from the major French media.- 30 000 « hearts » collected on Periscope and 4 000 unique viewers on the app’s homepage during the show 
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