Titulo#SquareShakes – The World’s First Shakes Designed for Instagram
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História Goodby Silverstein & Partners launched a partnership with SONIC and Instagram celebrity @ChefJacquesLaMerde, a well-known food Instagrammer who pokes fun at fine dining by styling and photographing approachable foods in sophisticated ways, to introduce the world’s first product designed for Instagram, only available through Instagram – SONIC #SquareShakes. The SONIC Square Shake will be entirely square, perfect for photographing and sharing, complete with a square cup and a square straw. 
"People are obsessed with capturing the world on Instagram so we thought ‘What if we manipulated the real world to fit on Instagram?’ instead,” said Margaret Johnson, ECD & Partner, Goodby Silverstein & Partners, SONIC’s creative agency. “We are excited to partner with Chef Jacques La Merde, who is famous for turning simple ingredients into works of art on Instagram every day.”
The shakes will be available exclusively through “Shop Now” sponsored ads on Instagram to Coachella festival goers at the Base Camp festival grounds only on April 16. Through Instagram’s “Shop Now” geo-targeted sponsored ads, attendees will be able to order the shakes and sample them on the spot – a first-of-its-kind program for Instagram. Samplers are then encouraged to share their Square Shakes on Instagram with the hashtag #SquareShake, thus completing the Insta-circle.

Inspired by SONIC’s new Creamery Shakes line, flavor profiles such as Vanilla Bean, Buttered Toffee, Dark Chocolate, Bourbon Brown Sugar, Dulce De Leche and Wildberry & Lavender, the SONIC Square Shake is the brainchild of advertising agency, Goodby Silverstein & Partners. The campaign will be a meta-homage to the platform that launched #beautiful food imagery into the mainstream, with more than 56 million photos tagged with the topical hashtag and more than 178 million tagged #food. To play with this cultural phenomenon, SONIC brought in @ChefJacqueslaMerde, aka Christine Flynn, Executive Chef at Toronto’s IQ Food Co. to re-createe and design SONIC’s new Creamery Shakes into the one-of-a-kind Square Shakes. To further enhance these creations, SONIC recruited a select group of Instagram graphic design influencers @DSchwen, @TimothyGoodman, @VlevetSpectrum, @VPavlovVisuals, @WillBryantPLZ, @MikeyBurton and @JoshuaNom to create colorful backdrops inspired by the unique ingredients and used for all campaign photography.
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