Campanha The Common Enemy
Anunciante Amnesty International France
Marca Amnesty International France
Data da primeira Transmissão/Publicação 2024 / 4
Sector Empresarial Direitos humanos
História Threats, attacks, pressures, criticisms: to mark the publication of its annual report, Amnesty International France is showcasing the reactions generated by its investigations, proof of their impact on those who violate human rights. A campaign signed by DDB Paris. Every year Amnesty International publishes its annual report. A book of several hundred pages that presents a comprehensive overview of the human rights situation worldwide, analyzing 155 countries. The result of a year of investigations. This report points the finger at political decision-makers, states, organizations, and companies who, despite their political, ethnic, and religious diversity, all have one thing in common: they violate human rights. The exposure of their actions by Amnesty International's investigations and their relay by journalists then allows to alert public opinion and put pressure on these actors. Pressure that is not without consequence for the NGO: every year, it is the target of criticism, threats, and attacks. But these attempts to silence Amnesty International are also the best evidence of the impact of its independent investigative work. This is why DDB has chosen to make it the heart of the new Amnesty International France campaign. A print and digital campaign that highlights, through catchy slogans with a grating tone, the various attacks on Amnesty International following the publication of its investigations. Attacks that come from all corners of the world and all political sides. Amnesty International's premises vandalized by violent groups in France. The call to stop donations to Amnesty International by the Vatican. A cyber-attack on Amnesty International Canada by a cyber-espionage group associated with China. The expulsion of Amnesty International by the Russian Justice Department. Harassment against Amnesty International by authorities in India… This campaign encourages audiences to consult Amnesty International's investigations available on its website before the arrival on April 24th of its annual report. A report that can boast of being the most hated book of all human rights detractors.
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