TituloApologize The Rainbow
Campanha Apologize the Rainbow
Anunciante Mars, Inc.
Marca Skittles
PostedJunho 2022
Produto Skittles
Sector Empresarial Comida
História 9 years ago we took away Lime flavor and pissed off a lot of Skittles fans. To finally re-launch Lime flavored Skittles, we decided to use something pretty unusual for a brand - all the online anger and hate directed at us. After all, nothing shows the love for something like the anger when its taken away. So we literally apologized to everyone who ever complained – all 138,880 of them. Individually. Offering personal apologies live on Twitch, on Twitter, on billboards in Times Square and with a post listing every single personal we’d wronged that took over 10 hours to read. And not just an empty apology. We sent everyone free Lime Skittles. Re-launching Lime Skittles by acknowledging our mistake in the most absurdly personal corporate apology ever.
Tipo de Mídia Case Study
Global Network
Worldwide Chief Creative Officer
Chief Creative Officer
Director executivo criativo
Group Creative Director
Group Creative Director
Chefe de produção
Produtor executivo
Produtor da agência
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Produtor da agência
DDB Worldwide Varsha Kaura, Global Business Director
DDB Chicago Frances Gaillard, Global Segment Lead
DDB Chicago Jasmine Jabbour, Global Brand Lead
DDB Worldwide Eli Velez, Global Operations Director
DDB Chicago Amanda Krause, Global Deployment Director
DDB Chicago Kathy Cosgrove, Business Manager
DDB Chicago Vivien Marafko, Account Supervisor
DDB Chicago Buky Ogunleye, Project Manager
DDB Chicago Milo Chao, Chief Strategy Officer
DDB Chicago Josh Drueck, Global Strategy Director
North America Marissa Beck, Senior VP, Brand & Content, Mars Wrigley
North America Chanel Gant, Senior Manager, Brand & Content, Mars Wrigley
Mars Wrigley Rankin Carroll, Global Head of Brand Content and Media
North America Sarah Long, Chief Marketing Officer, Mars Wrigley
North America Justin Hollyn-Taub, Vice President of Marketing, US Fruit Snacks Portfolio, Mars Wrigley
North America Fernando Rodrigues, Sr. Manager, Skittles, Mars Wrigley
North America Danielle Dos Santos Sr. Associate Brand Manager, Skittles, Mars Wrigley
North America Chris Bendeck, Manager, Brand & Content, Mars Wrigley
Picrow Fatal Farm, Director
Picrow Jeff Powers, Director of Photography
Picrow Dal Wolf, Executive Producer
Picrow Anthony Ficalora, Executive Producer
Picrow Peter Sprouse, Line Producer
Whitehouse Post Matt Badger, Editor
Whitehouse Post Tara O'Sullivan, Assistant Editor
Whitehouse Post Kristin Angeletti, Executive Producer
Whitehouse Post Ryan Smith, Producer
Carbon VFX Julio Leon, 2D Lead
Carbon VFX Julio Leon, 2D Online
Carbon VFX Kate Smith, VFX Producer
Carbon VFX Gretchen Praeger, VFX EP
Carbon VFX Bree Brackett, Colorist
Carbon VFX Laurie Adrianopoli, Color Producer
Carbon VFX Dan Butler, Color Producer
Carbon VFX Zoe Rain Lambert, Color Assistant
The Works David Axelbaum, Sound Design & Mix
The Works Tommy Lombardi, Studio Manager
The Works Tom Syoen, Studio Manager
The Works Brian Winterton, Head of Studio

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