Titulo1st Grrrade B
Campanha 1st Grrrade
Anunciante Mars, Inc.
Marca Pedigree
PostedJaneiro 2019
Sector Empresarial Comida para animais, produtos e serviços para o cuidado de animais domésticos
História Dogs are beneficial to children: they teach kids responsibility and build empathy. Close relationships with dogs have been linked to the development of more positive behavior among children.But kids don’t realize that a dog brings daily work and responsibility. They beg their parents for a pet, but sometimes after they finally get a dog, kids play with it for a while and then forget about it. The animal becomes a burden for everyone.PEDIGREE® cares deeply about dogs’ wellbeing and believes that dogs help children to mature and become responsible. That’s why we created 1st Grrrade – the first ever course where kids can prove to their parents that they can be responsible dog owners and show the seriousness of their intentions. At the same time, it shows parents whether a dog is their kid’s naïve fantasy or real dream.We conducted an offline educational programme in a real school: 7-9 y.o. children signed up for a course to learn the realities of dog ownership. The whole process was captured in a documentary film that reached millions of dog lovers. To help children show their parents that they can be responsible pet owners, we produced the online course on a Russian national digital diary.We launched the campaign on September 1st, the start of the school year and a big date for children and their parents. In the “hottest” month for educational communication, we invited parents to enrol their children on an unusual course – 1st Grrrade. In traditional and social media, the educational course’s mix of serious and fun materials built trust in the campaign and drove parents to sign up their children to the 1st Grrrade.
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