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921 Washington Avenue South
Minneapolis Minnesota 55415
Estados Unidos
Telefone: (+1) 612 399 0593

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Competências Essenciais: Publicidade/serviço completo/integração, Digital, Mobile Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Optimização de motores de busca, Serviços de marketing, Promoção de vendas/ponto de venda, Marketing direto/Telemarketing/ Database marketing/CRM, Branded Content/Entertainment, Investigação de mercado / assessoria, Marketing Technologies/Analytics, Compra e planeamento de media, Comunicação institucional, Eventos/patrocínio, Marcas/desenvolvimento de produto, Embalagem/design, Planeamento estratégico, Saúde, Finanças, Agricultura, Indústria, Tecnologia, Serviços on line, B to B, Retalho, Entretenimento, Viagens e turismo, Consumidor, Faixas Etárias, Adolescentes, Idosos

Fundada em: 1994

Empregados: 520

Trabalho Criativo: 1

Clientes: 40


921 Washington Avenue South
Minneapolis Minnesota 55415
Estados Unidos
Telefone: (+1) 612 399 0593

Jenifer Anhorn

EVP, Business Development

Telefone: (+1) 6123990593

Virginia Hines

VP, Chief Financial Officer

About Periscope

Every day at Periscope, there are proofs to ship, copy to write, events to manage, designs to create, media to buy – and the list goes on and on. That’s what we do when we come to work. But that’s not why we come to work.

We all live to be part of something bigger than ourselves. To push boundaries. To defy expectations. To create magic. To do things people can’t stop talking about or turn their eyes from. To do things that win hearts as well as minds. Quite simply, we’re inspired to…

Do things people love

Four ordinary words that inspire extraordinary results from every single person and every single area of our company. One simple phrase that sums up the passion, the pride, the talent, the thinking, the dizzying array of creative expertise and ingenious capabilities that make up this wonderful place called Periscope.

Hard to define, yet deceptively easy to recognize. It’s that “big thing” in what we do that makes people fall head over heels for a brand and the “little things” that make for flawless execution. It’s the X-factor for us, and for our clients. Because we know that doing things people love is the secret weapon of great business. It creates loyalty beyond reason, and it makes our clients wildly successful.

And that, quite simply, is what we’ve been all about from the start. 


Filosofia e Vantagens Competitivas

We live in an untethered world. Today, consumers choose where, when and how they engage with brands. The connection is on their terms. And it’s as likely to happen via the screen of a phone as the screen of a television. That’s why at Periscope, we believe channel is secondary and content is king.

We believe our responsibility to our clients’ brands is creating content that consumers welcome into their lives. Spend time with. Share with others. At times, that content may be an ad. Other times, it’s a mobile app. Still others, an experiential event. Regardless of form, at all times, it must be content consumers love. Because if your audience loves what you create for them, they’re drawn closer.

At Periscope, we create content that people love. So those people will feel something stir in their hearts and move closer to your brand. You see, at Periscope we create things — all sorts of things — that make people love brands.
Our shorthand for this is rather simple — do things people love. 

Descrição da Rede

We are a full-service agency with idea-to-execution capabilities to solve any business challenge. Creative. Strategy. Digital. Social. Media. PR. Production — you name it. And we’re backed by our parent company, Quad, which gives us the power to put everything we have behind the brands we love. 

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