TituloTeam One Holiday Art Installation
Campanha Team One Holiday Art Installation
Anunciante Team One Holiday Art Installation
Marca Team One
Data da primeira Transmissão/Publicação
Sector Empresarial Agências de publicidade
Legenda xmas2019
História It’s become a tradition at Team One to erect a unique lobby installation for the holidays. This year, the shop has commissioned a “Wish Tree” for its Playa Vista HQ – a unique, holiday-inspired art installation and alternative to the traditional/expected lobby Christmas Tree. The “tree” is made of 400+ floating origami figures, representing each Team One employee. Together, each of the origami figures choreograph themselves into the shape of a holiday symbol of peace and happiness: a Christmas tree. Select Team One employees have also written personal messages which have been attached to the tree - individual wishes, kind words, etc. It was the agency’s hope to inspire team members to reflect on the past year and take a moment to leave a note of hope that can be shared with others. Four types of origami - each with a special meaning – make up the tree. From cranes, birds that signify longevity and healing to fish, which are symbolic of peace and contentment. The agency tapped two artists to bring their vision to life: Matthew Schow of Blonde Pony and Origami Artist, Grant Nakano. See attached for images of the “Wish Tree” which will be on display through the holiday season.
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