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J. Walter Thompson has been pioneering brands since 1864. We go where others only dare. We pioneer forward, rebelling against convention. We do this with bravery, ambition and just the right amount of swagger. We tap into our 150-plus years of brand-building wisdom to build brands that last as long as we have.

If our work doesn’t move the dial against three metrics, we crumple it up, throw it in the bin and start all over. Our work has got to change the way people think, feel and act. That’s when culture starts to shift. And when culture shifts, it creates room for brands to grow. 

By pioneering brands like the United States Marine Corps, Shell, and SCANA Energy, we keep them relevant in the modern world, while also driving their businesses. 

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Filosofia e Vantagens Competitivas

Humble. Hungry.

Pioneers are hungry. We are restless, never satisfied. We respect the need for help on our journey, and reach out to collaborate. We value the significance that a new perspective can bring. We constantly challenge ourselves and those around us. We're completely focused on the work.

Work that drives our clients' businesses. Work that enables brands to adapt to an ever-shifting world. Work that is creative, aspirational and responsible. Work that shapes the world. 

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· Clio Awards – Silver Clio in Film – Shell – The Last Viper 
· Clio Awards – Bronze Clio in Film – Shell – The Last Viper
· One Show – Bronze Pencil in Entertainment – Pennzoil – Airlift 
· Clio Awards – Bronze Clio in Film – Shell – Joyride Tundra


Spence Kramer

Spence Kramer

CEO, Atlanta
Vann Graves

Vann Graves

Chief Creative Officer, Atlanta
Mary Margaret Connell

Mary Margaret Connell

Executive Director Growth and Development, Atlanta
Kristen Mather

Kristen Mather

Communications Lead, Atlanta

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