TituloPainting the Town Green with Dunn-Edwards
Campanha Painting the Town Green with Dunn-Edwards
Anunciante The Miller Group
Marca Dunn-Edwards
PostedNovembro 2023
Problema Regional challenger paint brand Dunn-Edwards faced inroads from a major competitor in Northern California and needed fresh thinking to better differentiate itself.
Resultado We don't spitball or naval gaze: we did our homework and undertook a deep dive into their product offerings including qualitative research and protracted whiteboard sessions. It turns out Dunn-Edwards is the first and only LEED Gold-certified paint manufacturer. Refreshing their “Greener By Design” platform across all channels, including digital and retail, led to successfully driving more traffic to retail and an uptick in sales. Making noise isn't about talking louder; it's about talking smarter - finding what really resonates with the consumer.
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