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Campanha Duracell Optimum Speed Run
Anunciante Duracell Batteries
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PostedNovembro 2021
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História Leading battery brand Duracell has plunged Fortnite into darkness. They’ve brought their batteries into the metaverse with the Duracell Optimum Speed Run, a new experience by Wunderman Thompson Mexico designed to promote the new Duracell Optimum battery. 
During the Duracell Optimum Speed Run, players must go through 13 levels of the map in darkness, with only a flashlight to help them see. In a race against time, their mission is to retrieve the ‘power and duration capsules’ found on the island in order to save the island, and the rest of Fortnite, from a complete blackout.
The team also created the Duracell Optimum Squad featuring some of the most professional Fortnite players in LATAM including ElMariana, RocioDTA, YolaMartinez, and RobertoCein, who have teamed up to complete the mission and regain the energy of Optimum Land.  
Daniel Sierra, VP and General Manager for Duracell Mexico said: “The gaming world is a very competitive space and gamers can be quite particular with the equipment and accessories they choose. Fortnite has become an in-game advertising powerhouse, making it the perfect platform for us to connect with a hyper-engaged audience and generate curiosity about this new generation of batteries. Wunderman Thompson Mexico has done a wonderful job bringing this powerful idea to life to showcase how Duracell Optimum can improve the devices gamers play with by keeping them charged for longer.”  
Agustín Rodríguez, Chief Executive Officer of Wunderman Thompson México said: “In order to be relevant in this hyper-connected and hyper-segmented world, it’s imperative for brands to organically connect with their audiences, understanding their ecosystems and capitalizing digital and tech platforms. That's what we did by bringing Duracell into the metaverse, as one of the pioneering brands developing gaming strategies in Mexico. Fortnite is the “prime time” for our target. And Duracell Optimum the best energy they need.”
Daniel Minaker and Sebastian Terazaga, Chief Creative Officers for Wunderman Thompson LATAM added: “Blackouts have occurred in some of the biggest cities in the world – New York in 1965 and Paris in 2019 – but now a blackout has occurred in one of the largest modern cities in the world, Fortnite. Through the experience, we’ve been able to showcase how the Duracell Optimum batteries can improve a gamers’ experience thanks to the power and battery life the product provides.”  
The experience is live until 23 December. The creative code to access Optimum Land can be found here: https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/es-MX/creative/island-codes/duracell-optimum-speedrun-5166-7763-8138   
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