TituloThe Hybrid That Defies Logic
Campanha The Hybrid That Defies Logic
Anunciante Toyota Motor Corporation
Marca Lexus
Data da primeira Transmissão/Publicação
Sector Empresarial Automóveis 4x4
Filosofia Lexus Europe and The&Partnership have launched their second pan-European campaign of 2019, this time for the manufacturer’s range of Self-Charging Hybrid vehicles. Appearing
across European territories, the creative informs viewers how the batteries of the electric motors of Lexus Self- Charging Hybrid vehicles charge as they drive. The range of vehicles hopes to appeal to increasingly environmentally-conscious city-dwellers who want an electrified vehicle without the hassle of plugging in.
The centrepiece of the ‘The Hybrid that Defies Logic’ campaign is a 40 second advert directed by Dan Marsh, of
ManvsMachine through UK production house, Friend. Shot in Barcelona on an Alexa XT and Alexa Mini, we are
presented with a series of illogical scenarios, that sees Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid vehicles glide through each
bizarre sequence; a girl on a swing upside down, rain falling within an umbrella, people walking backwards.
The car is exactly as it should be – it’s everything else that’s out of the ordinary.
The electric motor battery within a Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid vehicle charges whenever you decelerate or brake, making it perfect for stop-start city traffic. Further to that, when driving at low speeds the Self-Charging Hybrid vehicles can even be driven with the engine off, meaning zero emissions. Research has shown many people are interested in the many benefits owning a hybrid brings (less road tax and fuel consumption, so friendly for both the environment and wallet). However, they are put off by the belief they’ll constantly be worrying about charging the battery and as such, would need to change their habits to drive one. The Lexus range delivers all of the benefits with none of the concerns – no waiting, no plugs, no fuss - and is contributing to rise within the hybrid market share, which is currently expected to accelerate from 5% to 23% by 20251. It’s no surprise that Lexus is the leading premium brand when it comes to hybrid cars.
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