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61 rue de Turenne
Paris 75003
Telefone: (+33) 01 44 78 38 00

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Competências Essenciais: Digital, Marketing direto/Telemarketing/ Database marketing/CRM, Recrutamento, motivação, Eventos/patrocínio

Fundada em: 1985

Empregados: 12

Clientes: 27

CPP Marketing Services

61 rue de Turenne
Paris 75003
Telefone: (+33) 01 44 78 38 00

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Holandês, Inglês, Flamengo, Francês, Alemão, Italiano, Português, Espanhol
Filosofia e Vantagens Competitivas
Let's get back to the most important, our main goal is to generate additional volume whatever the method used. A good operational marketing campaign is a profitable one.
Descrição da Rede
Interpartners is the european alternative for linked U.S. networks. These are member agencies which own the network and not on the contrary. They have a common ideology:"unconventional solutions" and a method to simplify multi-cultural European campaigns: "Europrofiler" customized service offered to challenger brands which would fit to problems that are rarely standard.
We are present in 28 countries, with 22 agencies in Europe, 2 in America, 3 in the Middle East and 5 in Oceania.
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