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PostedAgosto 2018
História Synopsis;At a time when more sports fans are choosing social platforms over TV, Eurosport has made a bold leap to pivot away from being a second-tier sports channel network to becoming a top-level direct to consumer paid-subscription streaming service.;Eurosport hadn't really advertised directly to sports fans before, because its content was promoted by other broadcaster networks (i.e Sky & Virgin Entertainment.) as part of bigger sports and entertainment packages. The Winter Olympics was the big opportunity to get sports fans thinking differently about Eurosport and about how they could access sport in general. The ambition was to make Eurosport Player into the 'Netflix of Sport'.;The Winter Olympics was a unique sporting spectacle. Its multivariate events and genuine unpredictability gives every competing nation a genuine chance of success. This hope, mixed with patriotic expectation and media hype provided an ideal platform for growth.;Strategy;With 750m potential viewers across the 26 nations and over 200 athletes in competition, we identified more than 10,000 dynamic audience segments who shared a passion for winter sports, enriched with numerous profile and behavioural data points.;We created clips for each segment they could watch, like and comment on, focusing on a country's likeliness to win at specific events and the ongoing fascinating unpredictability of the Winter Olympics.;Our strategy employed our 'every moment' asset as media communications by flooding the social echo chambers of the interested fans to deliver a feeling that the biggest live moments were being missed on terrestrial TV but were all being captured on Eurosport Player. We championed the advantage of being digital-first - it allowed Eurosport to bridge the 8 hour time divide between Europe and Pyeongchang and serve up content for millions of viewers across devices in a way primetime TV couldn't.;Relevancy;Eurosport (parent Discovery) has invested $1.4 bn in the broadcast rights to the next 4x Olympics (2x Summer, 2x Winter). However, despite this massive sum, the Olympic mandate ensures that the event must be available to all, free-to-air via their national broadcaster. This presented a huge challenge as Eurosport wanted to use the event as a major acquisition tool for its direct-to-consumer subscription business, Eurosport Player.;Media had to reach, connect and most importantly convince viewers, who knew they could watch the Olympics for free, that Eurosport Player offered something more worth paying for.;Outcome;Eurosport Player had already attained 1 million subscribers by the Opening Ceremony of the games on Feb. 9. Over the 18 day Winter Olympic campaign, we generated a further 500,000 new subscribers in under 3wks.;The pan-European campaign invested $7.5m in Media. With the current average lifetime value of a subscriber at $70, the additional 500k subscribers result in a ROMI of 4.7:1.;Eurosport Player achieved its best month ever in February, with daily video views up 166% versus January 2018 and average daily unique viewers up by 147% versus February 2017;Our digital-first approach pushed reach on both Eurosport and its owner Discovery's online and social platforms to a record 76 million viewers, 2x the average typically seen during previous Olympics. Those impressions translated into 8.1 million likes, shares and comments across all of Discovery's digital and social media properties over the course of the event.;Execution;Shifts in sports consumption and the rise of social channels surfaced a new digital opportunity. We were able to detect intent and collate audiences across trending topics and interests to contextualise moments and respond, surfacing tailored messaging.;Insights on comments and interactions were combined with real time in-event action and turned into personally relevant creative executions. Over 5,000 creative executions were produced to run in line with the multiple possibilities of events.;Video technology platform Grabyo accelerated video editing and publishing of 9,000 near-live clips. Content deals with Facebook and Snapchat allowed us to reach and retarget fans who watched our content with a fully integrated campaign experience.;We placed campaign war-rooms with editorial and marketing teams working together - strategically in 10 key markets to manage round-the-clock campaign delivery in real-time throughout the 18 day event.;Ultimately, we made 102 events, 8 hours away feel closer to home.;Campaign Description;Eurosport Player held two key advantages;1) Depth of content - you could watch all 105 Winter Olympic events;2) Flexibility - watch on demand, (particularly important given the time differences involved) across multiple devices.;Providing access to every second of the spectacle allowed us to show fans passionate about individual events or star athletes that free-to-air was only the tip of the iceberg. Giving audiences personalised and relevant near-live sporting content for free, together with the message that there was a plethora of action they were missing, created a sense of urgency, a fear of missing out and the need to see more and subscribe.;Our creative idea stemmed from a company-wide commitment to deliver a truly digital-first Olympics that brought audiences closer to the action than ever before and allowed fans to immerse themselves in what they loved, in new and novel ways and on their own terms.
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