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PostedMai 2013
Sector Empresarial Outros
História To stimulate people to perceive and invest in their callings, Panamericana Art and Design School is launching the film “Terror”, created by AlmapBBDO. With humor, the commercial shows an episode of an actress's life who is dissatisfied because she is only called to do horror films. Although the reason is obvious, she doesn't notice it and regrets not performing other roles.
In the film “Terror”, which is 45-seconds long, two friends are talking at a party with their backs to the camera. One of them is complaining of being an actress with a single role and would like to play other roles. When she turns around to the camera, it becomes clear why she is only called for horror films: the girl has a deformed face full of scars and her eyes are strange. As the actress numbers the other roles she would like to play, we see images of her playing characters that don't fit her profile, like the heroine in an epic film, a musical dancer, Little Red Ridding Hood in a kid's play or a commercial. The signature explains the joke: “If you were born for something, it's no use doing something else.”
The movie will be on TV and will also be available to be watched in Panamericana Art and Design School’s social network. 
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