TituloChá dos 4
PostedNovembro 2016
História The free access to the Internet is daily present, in people’s lives. Everyone likesto access their favorite contents with half a dozen clicks. However the constantadvertising in the various sites is something that really bothers people. Andwhat they want most of all, is to be free of it.
To please this desire we will create the first browser in the world completelyfree of advertising. The idea is to give people exactly what they want so theycan learn by themselves that an ad free internet is unsustainable. The browser’sname would be “more”, simply because Thomas More wrote a book on anutopia, a place with no strict laws, a free place. He himself after writing the bookrealized it would not work. Just like the utopia, our browser wouldn’t work either,instead of displaying the final results page, the browser would show an shortinformative text. The key to this campaign is in the build up, the momentsbetween the announcement date and the release date, because the discussionabout advertising and adblockers will be brought up and will become viral.With the launching campaign of the new browser, we will inform the day andtime it will be available. This way we can attract a larger group of people so theycan start a countdown until the download moment.
To complete, there will be a counter-campaign, where key opinion leaders,blogs, sites and specialized magazines can show different points of view. Theidea is to create debate so the speculation and people’s expectation about thenew browser, grow day by day.