TituloSymbiosis - Link to Video
PostedNovembro 2016
História Campaign name: SymbiosisInsight:Since the beginning of time, nature relies on symbiotic relations to evolve and survive. They can beensured through beneficial exchanges between two or more living beings. Today we face thethreatening of another kind of “symbiosis”. And if this relationship is broken, the world as we know will change dramatically. The web is a developed and complex ecosystem, where free content andinformation are generated from ad placement. The overuse of AdBlocking systems has weakened itsfragile balance and online free resources might disappear forever.Key Message:Some things need to be together in order to unsure their survivor.Big Idea:SymbiosisThe relationship between advertising and the internet is somehow comparable to mutualistic relationsas mythocondreas and cells or flowers and bees. Without each other they cannot survive.The idea is to make the people realize how much they need to stop using adblockers to prevent aninternet collapse.The majority of these people need everyday internet desperately and with this idea we want them to realize how much internet needs advertising in the same or a higher measure.