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To ensure that you fully understand the User Agreement, we first listed some frequently asked questions about it so that you only have to read through the full legal document that follows it if you want to.

Conditions of Use FAQ's

Q:  Why a User Agreement?
A:  When you use, you are agreeing to a couple of terms and conditions we've outlined here. It's nothing tricky, it just ensures our users respect us like we respect them. Conditions of the User Agreement may change, and you will be expected to comply with the new agreement after it is posted and announced on the homepage.

Q:  How can I use
A: is here to help you gather information and research on the advertising industry. You can retrieve information for your own personal, non-commercial use, but you can't reproduce, sell or distribute it to anyone else. Also, if you want to make a suggestion or change, just let us know and we will take care of it because you can't alter the contents of the site.

Q:  Who owns the copyrights to the material on the site?
A:   All the copyrights, trademarks an intellectual property rights on the site are owned by MayDream or its subscribers or licensors. You must fully respect these copyrights. If you think we have infringed upon any copyrights, tell us right away and we will remove it from our site.

The creative work on the site is the property of others and is presented solely for the purpose of evaluation or education. Users agree not to duplicate this material and that it will be used for research, information and internal review purposes only.

Q:  Will you reimburse me for any damage caused by misinformation on the site?
A:  The site is provided "as is" so we are not responsible for any damage or misinformation. By using this site, you accept this limitation and take full responsibility of your use of the material we provide. You cannot sue AdForum, its subscribers or licensors if anything happens when you act on inaccurate information. If you see anything you think should be changed however, please contact us [Adlibrary].

Q:  My computer crashed when I was watching the Ad of the Day, listening to a CD, surfing the Internet and playing a video game, will you come fix it?
A:  No, sorry, is not responsible for any damage your computer suffers. We also work tirelessly to prevent any sort of virus from ever getting in our system, but we can't guarantee that there is no possibility you could catch one.

Q:  Do you accept full responsibility for the links on your site?
A:  No. Although we only post links that are interesting and informative to you, we cannot monitor all the current links that appear on our pages.